You want your MINDSET to be serving you in a positive way…

In today’s modern world we hear a lot about ‘mindset’ and how having a negative mindset which I call ‘mindfrick’ can leave us feeling defeated and deflated while having a positive mindset inspires and motivates us. It’s like having the ‘attitude of gratitude’ which the Law of Attraction keeps on bringing us more of.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives us this definition of mindset:

‘a mental attitude or inclination ~ a fixed state of mind’

In doing some research for this article I found a new book by Carol Dweck, a leading expert in motivation and personality psychology has much to say about us being able to change a ‘fixed’ mindset. She has discovered in more than twenty years of research that our mindset is not a minor personality quirk: it creates our whole mental world. It explains how we become optimistic or pessimistic. It shapes our goals, our attitude toward work and relationships, and how we raise our kids, ultimately predicting whether or not we will fulfill our potential.

Dweck has found that everyone has one of two basic mindsets. The first mindset she talks about is: the fixed mindset. Those with a fixed mindset believe their talents and abilities cannot be improved through any means. They feel that they are born with a certain amount of talent and typically do not wish to challenge their abilities due to the possibility of failure. Individuals with a fixed mindset frequently guard themselves against situations in which they feel they need to prove their personal worth. This is the path of stagnation.

She then talks about the second mindset: the growth mindset. Dweck demonstrates that mindset unfolds in childhood and adulthood and drives every aspect of our lives, from work to sports, from relationships to parenting. Perhaps even more important, she shows us how we can change our mindset at any stage of life to achieve true success and fulfillment. If you have a growth mindset, however, you know that talents can be developed and that great abilities are built over time. This is the path of opportunity–and success.

So that all makes sense to me and definitely applies to us in the home staging business. I see this all the time with new entrepreneurs facing new situations in their lives, and of course I see it in myself. I want to expand my business

Here are a few tips I want to share with you from my experiences as a solopreneur:

  • Get clear on what it is you want
  • Set your intention before you start your work
  • Stay focused on attaining that goal
  • If you go of course, correct and continue
  • Celebrate ALL your successes – small count too!
  • Be committed to your goal
  • Expect what you want to happen – see it in your mind’s eye
  • Everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to serve you
  • When negative mindfrick happens – snap your fingers and reset your mind chatter
  • Growth is necessary – pain is optional as is how much you challenge yourself
  • Take a deep breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out, breath in breath out
  • Find your calm and centered place inside you and take your next step confidently
  • Ask for help when you need it and allow it to come to you
Colleen McClure
Proud owner of PRES Staging® and expert home stager. I naturally started drawing interiors when I was very young. I see finished projects completed in my minds-eye as the client explains to me how they would love to see their space created. I then can draw sketches quickly to produce this vision right then and there with the client. My creative talents led me to full time work as a career counsellor working with people, designing workshops, facilitating groups when the economy did not support the luxury of home improvements. My many talents in this field was a happy marriage to own PRES the Professional Real Estate Staging Centre. Helping others start and run their own home décor businesses for redesign and staging, learning design principals and building confidence brings me great joy and passion. Working with people and helping them make confident decisions comes easy to me.