Where do you want to spend your money for your best ROI when selling?

At a recent Home & Garden Show in Western Canada the focus was on the 3 Rs – Renovate – Rejuvenate – Revitalize to get your property ready for selling, or to live better in your existing home before you sell.

And the 3 Best Renovation ROIs for selling:

1) If you install a fireplace you will get 94% of the money you spent back!

2) If you renovate your bathroom you will get 69% of the money you spent back!

3) If you renovate your kitchen you will get 79% of the money you spent back!

While most home staging studies (such as National Home Improvements Survey conducted Home Gain) will concur with this, if you are making a big investment it’s a good idea to make other big investments in your home as well. For example if you are renovating your bathroom, you most likely will have to do your kitchen, and if you do your kitchen take a look at your flooring and while you are at it do the walls need a new updated colour? Keep the level of renovations or home improvements equal so that the entire house looks like it works together…otherwise some good home improvements might be better than renovations!

Colleen McClure
Proud owner of PRES Staging® and expert home stager. I naturally started drawing interiors when I was very young. I see finished projects completed in my minds-eye as the client explains to me how they would love to see their space created. I then can draw sketches quickly to produce this vision right then and there with the client. My creative talents led me to full time work as a career counsellor working with people, designing workshops, facilitating groups when the economy did not support the luxury of home improvements. My many talents in this field was a happy marriage to own PRES the Professional Real Estate Staging Centre. Helping others start and run their own home décor businesses for redesign and staging, learning design principals and building confidence brings me great joy and passion. Working with people and helping them make confident decisions comes easy to me.