Testimonials are a great way to establish you as an expert.

When your clients come home at the end of the day for the ‘reveal’ whether you are doing a transformation for living or selling you get their most emotional reaction. Use it to be part of your ‘Raving Fan’ testimonials in your marketing materials. This is one of the ways to start to establish yourself as a home staging expert. It’s easy and it’s authentic!

During a recent PRES Staging & Redesign training course students did a home transformation for living with the knowledge that the client was going to sell in a few years. The client wanted a big energy shift because she was divorced and yet still living with most of the same furnishings when she was married. Fortunately for us she had some beautiful furnishings so it was almost like shopping in a fantastic store like Pottery Barn.

This is what she had to say about it:

Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel for what Dana and her wonderful team did for me. The new sense of energy that the changes made just has me feeling lighter … like a cloud has been lifted and light has been added to our home.

When I first made the request to have my home be considered for one of Dana’s staging projects, she asked me what I wanted to achieve with the changes. I told her quite candidly that I needed a new sense of energy to flow through my home; having gone through a separation and divorce over the last few years, I really needed to finally feel like the marital home was now ‘my’ home. I actually liked most of my furniture and artwork but just couldn’t see the forest for the trees in how I could make some positive changes. And Dana really seemed to ‘get’ that.

Dana came out and did a thorough consultation with me, asking what I didn’t like and what wasn’t working. While there, she provided a colour consultation as I will be selling in a few years and wanted to do that in stages. She picked out some great colours that will really brighten things up.

When I came home on the day of the reveal both my son and I were astonished at how spacious our home looked. Dana and her students even managed to get our beaten-up much-used family room looking good and organized. Now THAT was a challenge! I love the flow of the home and keep remarking on how I love how our home now looks. It’s fantastic! So many friends and family have stopped by to look at the changes and all are amazed at what an enormous difference the changes have made to the look and feel of the entire space. And the best thing is, it feels even more like home now.

TIP: I email the client a few days after the transformation and ask for a testimonial. If i don’t get anything back from them by the next week then I write it for them. I do this all the time and because I can clearly remember the emotions and their reaction – I put it to paper (email really) and about 99.9% of clients just leave it the way it is.

Living Room Before
Living Room After
Colleen McClure
Proud owner of PRES Staging® and expert home stager. I naturally started drawing interiors when I was very young. I see finished projects completed in my minds-eye as the client explains to me how they would love to see their space created. I then can draw sketches quickly to produce this vision right then and there with the client. My creative talents led me to full time work as a career counsellor working with people, designing workshops, facilitating groups when the economy did not support the luxury of home improvements. My many talents in this field was a happy marriage to own PRES the Professional Real Estate Staging Centre. Helping others start and run their own home décor businesses for redesign and staging, learning design principals and building confidence brings me great joy and passion. Working with people and helping them make confident decisions comes easy to me.