The Art of Balancing Your Work and Personal Life is a Choice!

Many coaches, including myself, use this type of ‘balance wheel’ to have our clients check in with themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed and cranky! When any of us as home stagers, stylists, decorators, etc. feel undervalued it might just be because we are trying to ‘be all things to…

Growing THROUGH Adversity

Several of my coaching clients have been experiencing ‘adversity’ this month or aka ‘lessons’ and wanted some advice and support as to how to handle certain situations. I decided to reuse this Feature Article that I wrote some time ago because it captures what I shared with them… The Merriam-Webster…

Envious Design’s A-Z Home Staging Services Won The Bid!

A savvy homeowner looking to stage their vacant condo in Richmond BC did extensive research to find Enjy Fouad of Envious Design. They interviewed a panel of a few other reputable stagers, but hired Envious Design. What made them stand out was their services package tailored for each individual project….

Just Released: ebook Do-It-Yourself Home Staging

I have been busy finishing my two new ebooks for the DIY seller who wants to get their home ready for selling. These ebooks were created for people who really like to do their own home staging and with the economy being what it is, might want to save themselves some money.