Is The Dali Lama wrong?

When I read this quote by The Dali Lama I was blown away.
Read what he says …

“The world will be saved by the western woman.”

Can you believe that? Pretty inspiring don’t you think? I’m sure you’ve noticed more and more women are becoming successful on a huge scale of late. Do you want to be one of them?

This is why Dr. Ellie Drake is offering a wonderful on-line series called the *Summer Extravaganza for Women*. It’s already attracting a ton of attention – at last count, over 5000 women have signed up for it!

As I mentioned the other day, I have been working with Ellie and her team in putting this event together and truly believe it would make a huge impact on you if you participate.

On Tuesday, we heard Gloria Loring candidly share how she felt growing up in an alcoholic family and the effects that had on her into adulthood. Tonight we’ll be listening to Debra Wilson from MadTV, I can only imagine what she will share!

Other celebrities are coming up over the next 6 weeks like Leeza Gibbons, Mariel Hemmingway, Marla Maples, Lisa Nichols of ‘The Secret’ fame and many more.

Sign up here before tonight’s call at 6pm PST
(don’t worry, the calls are recorded and available for 24 hours after if you miss it.

Some of what you’ll discover when you attend the Summer Extravaganza are:

astronomically more results in less time, with less
effort (you’ll be astonished at how productive you are
with this devastatingly easy change);

==> How the thoughts of successful WOMEN LEADERS ARE
from the thoughts of average women (and how
those differences play out in all personal and
professional achievements);

==> How to banish useless energy like GUILT, SHAME,
from your brain so you can stop beating
yourself up (women in particular play out negative
emotions over and over in their heads, making them
feel horrible);

==> How to buck the PROCRASTINATION PATTERN any of us
can slip into (you can’t step up to being your
strongest self if you can’t get stuff done);

==> How to INSTANTLY shift your attitude to transform
your personal ability to lead and inspire (moods and
emotions don’t have to control your destiny);

==> How to easily break down and dissect the steps of
(it’s shockingly simple when it’s laid out for you);

==> How to ‘DETOX’ areas of your life today so you can
realize your dreams and get out of your own way (break
the cycle of repeating habits that don’t serve you anymore);

==> How to quickly discover your ‘LIFE PURPOSE’ and
put it into action (the BraveHeart Community is
tailored for meaningful connections and insights);

==> How to easily uncover and OVERCOME BLIND SPOTS
that hold you back from being your most magnificent
self (all too often it is US holding ourselves back);

Why are you still reading this? Go on and sign up for the Summer Extravaganza for Women right now!
You’ll thank me for it!
Get details here


Dana J. Smithers

P.S. Remember, the cost for registering for the Summer Extravaganza is 100% F*R*E*E of charge!

P.P.S. Women don’t have to do it ALL anymore and finally there is place they can go to learn how to create with ease!

P.P.P.S. Please let others know about this opportunity you think can benefit!

Colleen McClure
Proud owner of PRES Staging® and expert home stager. I naturally started drawing interiors when I was very young. I see finished projects completed in my minds-eye as the client explains to me how they would love to see their space created. I then can draw sketches quickly to produce this vision right then and there with the client. My creative talents led me to full time work as a career counsellor working with people, designing workshops, facilitating groups when the economy did not support the luxury of home improvements. My many talents in this field was a happy marriage to own PRES the Professional Real Estate Staging Centre. Helping others start and run their own home décor businesses for redesign and staging, learning design principals and building confidence brings me great joy and passion. Working with people and helping them make confident decisions comes easy to me.