Best Paint Colours For Selling Your Home

In the past 10 years the Exterior and Interior color trends have not changed much. Look around at any of the new developments or in home decor magazines and you will start to get an idea of what the trend is. If you are in the market now or the next few years check out color trends on line and with your preferred paint store or better still contact a PRES professional home stager!

By ‘trend’ I don’t mean trendy as ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ I mean trendy in the sense of being ‘most popular’ at this time period. This too will change but not for a few years yet. We can safely say that ‘beige’ has been extremely popular for a ‘home-selling’ paint color but of course this does depend where you live. In warmer climate cities colors tend to be brighter and in more ‘edgy- sophisticated’ developments you will see brighter and darker color trends for drama. Now in 2013 we are seeing ‘warmer’ beiges replaced by more grey toned ‘cooler’ beiges.

Interior Resale Paint Color Trend

– A 2nd Bedroom being used as a Den needs to be converted back…

Dated, dark green with black ivory stenciling....
Dated, dark green with black ivory stenciling….

After – This 2nd Bedroom was painted in Benjamin Moore CC90 Natural Linen which is always my ‘go-to beige’

A neutral color scheme with a new closet makes this work now!
A neutral color scheme with a new closet makes this work now!

Before – This teenager’s Bedroom needed a modern-color update…

Bright colors for a young person...
Bright colors for a young person…

After – The grey tones in this room give it much more ‘broad buyer appeal’ now

Grey tones make it more updated and sophisticated.
Grey tones make it more updated and sophisticated.

My favourite store to work with is Benjamin Moore because as an Interior Decorator/Redesign Stager they provide me with a very professional ‘architectural kit’ which has large color samples to work with. However, you can buy or they will lend you their Designer Classics Collection and this is primarily what I use for choosing redesign staging paint colors. As mentioned in a previous newsletter I always coordinate with the flooring as that is what is staying. You can add color with your accessories.

My standard selection from the Benjamin Moore Designer Classics Collection is:

BEIGE – Grey Undertones

Escarpment CC 518
Metropolis CC 546
Overcoat CC 544
Asphalt CC 548

BEIGE -Yellow Undertones(toned which means they all have grey added to them)

Brandy Cream CC 60
Natural Linen CC 90
Muslin CC110
Barely Beige CC 140
Stone House CC 120
Sandy Brown CC 150
Honey Harbour CC170
Summer Harvest CC 190
Delaware Putty CC 230
French Vanilla CC 248

BEIGE – Pink Undertones

Dusty Road CC 310
Sandpiper Beige CC 368
Stone Castle CC 396
Old Montreal CC398
Old Stone CC424
Bone China CC 426
Smoky Taupe CC 490
Rocky Road CC 470


Maid of the Mist CC 728
Killarney CC 698
Tea Light CC 610
October Mist CC 550


Cloud White CC 40 (this is the only one I use!)

TIP You can buy testers and do your own color boards or paint a small area on the wall of your client’s home. For staging most clients are looking for the home stager to make the suggestion for them. Always check the color morning, noon and night time to get the whole color picture as color is most affected by lighting. Most buyers are coming through Open Houses from about 12 – 4pm so that is when you need to pay attention.

I have many clients who in the beginning do not like the neutral colors but I have to remind them that ‘the way you live in your home, is not the way you sell your house’ and of course, we want the colors to have BROAD BUYER APPEAL!

Colleen McClure
Colleen McClure Administrator & Proud owner of PRES Staging® - Expert Home Stager. When I was very young I began drawing interiors, it just came naturally. When I work with a client now, I see the finished project completed in my minds-eye as they explain how they would love to see their space created. I am able to provide sketches on the spot of their vision so this invokes client confidence and excitement for the project from the inception through to the brilliant manifestation – How Fun! When the economy did not support the luxury of home improvements, other passions led me to full-time work as a career counsellor. I very much enjoyed assisting people one-on-one to discover their own talents but this was an arena where I would develop effective techniques in workshop design and group facilitation as well. This would lead to a ‘happy marriage’ as I would apply these skills and passions when I purchased PRES Staging® - The Professional Real Estate Staging Centre. It’s truly the greatest joy to inspire others to discover and hone their innate talents – To witness their emerging confidence while coaching them on design principals and providing them the tools to start and run their own Home Décor businesses for Redesign and Staging. If you’ve ever thought you might enjoy this line of work, or even to do it for yourself and friends, get in touch – Let’s chat!