You’d be crazy to pass up a ‘free’ home makeover from Pres!

You’d be crazy to pass up a ‘free’ home makeover from Pres!

July 2, 2013 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

On July 16th and 17th two lucky home owners are going to get a ‘free’ home makeover for living or selling! Pres training home clients are ecstatic over the transformations in their home! We’re looking for 2 great (well, not so great actually) homes for July 16th or 17th 2013..

During the 5 day Pres Staging & Redesign Training course, students are taken into real clients’ homes to apply the theory they learned in the classroom. Our training home clients are carefully selected by the Pres Resource Centre Founder & Creative Director,Dana J. Smithers. What’s essential in the training homes is that there are at least 3 major rooms to transform, enough art and accessories to work with. Some homes may have more opportunity for learning proper furniture placement and others may provide the perfect opportunity for teaching the ‘art of hanging art’. Whether we are staging the home to sell, or transforming the home by redesigning it for living the outcome for the client is the same – they love the transformation!

You've heard the expression‘The way you live in your home is not the way you sell your house’and this couldn't be more true than in this situation for this seller! Many people that have lived in their home for a long time change the function of their rooms to suit their needs. They might do this because they are now ‘empty nesters’ and have more options of how they can live in their home now. For staging the property to get ready for prospective buyers you want your home to be inviting and evoke positive emotions so buyers are excited to see themselves in their new space! Only about 10% of the population is good at visualizing which is why it is so important to create an inviting, functional look in each and every room. And that’s exactly what we did here…

The main living room is being used as an office area for living…


The way you live in your home is not the way you sell your house!

We looked in other rooms for more attractive looking furniture and found these sofas in the family room…

                                                                                                                                                                              This is a much more inviting living room now!

For many people who are not moving, the Pres students can come into your home and in just one-day totally transform the look of your home using your things! We call this redisigned and create more harmony and balance in a home. This is personal and all about the client’s lifestyle and personal style. This client loved her french decor items from her travels in France but wanted more flow to the home.

The living room before has things that she loves in it:


Living room is overcrowded with furniture and too many things – lovely as they are.

The living room after is more to her liking…


So much more room to breathe. She still is surrounded by all her french treasures but now we can breathe!

The Pres Staging Resource Centre has been offering the ‘free makeover’ for home dwellers – owners and sellers for years now. By ‘free’ we are not charging for this exceptional home transformational service. We only ask that the home dweller or Realtor (we do homes for Realtor’s clients too) makes a donation to a charity of their choice on behalf of Pres Staging Resource Centre. We know that thousands of dollars have gone to worthy charities because of our offer – win – win!