Why not Manifest Your Fabulous Home Staging Business?

Why not Manifest Your Fabulous Home Staging Business?

August 30, 2011 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

I recently came back from a Peak Potentials course called Wizard Camp. I was delighted that the camp came just before the launch of my new Pres Home Staging Home Study course because I knew I would need to put some of the manifestation training that I would be learning into practice.

I make these kinds of investments in myself because I know they are critical to my personal and business growth. This is what Wizard Camp was all about taken directly from Peak Potentials website:

‘There is no greater skill than the ability to manifest what you want. This is the magic of the wizard!

The wizard archetype, also known as the magician or alchemist, is able to turn “lead into gold”. The unique quality of the wizard is an ability to manifest their desires in the real world. There are 7 specific steps to creating anything. At Wizard Training Camp, you will learn and practice these steps and come away with skills that will change the course of your life.

You will learn:

A highly developed “reality creation” technology.                                                                                       Specific clearing processes to make space for higher wisdom.                                                                       Enlightened principles for creating success without struggle.                                                                           How to tap directly into your intuition.                                                                                                             How to see through the illusion of the world and come from a higher perspective.

The Wizard Training is special. If you would like to learn how to manifest exactly what you want in the world, be there.’

So here I am a ‘Wizard’ and having to implement much of what I learned from camp because I have come up against a few glitches in rolling out this new program. It’s all good and I just ‘correct and continue’ because I know I will find a way to fix the few challenges that I am having. They are mainly technical for me, and I know that ‘since everything happens for a reason, and that reason is to serve me so that I can serve you’ it will all be fixed in time for the September launch.

I’m manifesting this new Pres home staging home study course so that I can serve 1000s of people (mainly women) and lead them to manifesting their own magnificent home staging business. I hope you can join me on my ‘Free’ call on September 8th as I share some of my wizardry with you.