Want to make your home a true reflection of you? Find out how…

Want to make your home a true reflection of you? Find out how…

November 15, 2011 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

In the last Pres 5 day training course we had the opportunity to do a home makeover for a client who said her home was very bland, and seemed to lack personality. (A home makeover for living is all about bringing in the home owner’s personal taste unlike staging where you want to create broad buyer appeal to the seller’s target market)

When I did my initial consultation and tour of the home I noticed they had a lot of very nice bigger furnishings and some attractive accessories scattered throughout the home. But it was true – everything was quite bland until… I sat down with Maureen, the home owner, and asked her if there was anything in storage that she might like me to incorporate in the home. bingo! She said she and her husband had just come back from Africa, where he was born, and they had brought back some African art and even a canvas painting of the house he was born in.


African art taken out of storage for us to use

When we arrived, myself and my students, we were delighted to see more African art and accessories on the kitchen table. Now we had more to work with. So using the Pres 10 step secret success formula we got to work by emptying the room and then building it back up.

We did our ‘walk about’ in the home and discovered some African masks and some gorgeous African vases that would fit in perfectly with the new personality of the home.

                                                                                                                                                                          Bland Personality in Living Room Before

We were able to incorporate some new furnishings and removed the curio cabinets.


Personality Plus! Living Room After

A created ‘art wall’ of more of their African collection!


African Art Collection Showcased!