This themed ‘Romance Room’ got a space lift!

This themed ‘Romance Room’ got a space lift!

May 21, 2013 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Having a theme for rooms in your home can be a great idea and help you stay focused on the end styling result. As one of the Pres staging training homes our client offered her home for the one-day home makeover we call ‘redesign’. She had beautiful things and a real flair for decorating and wanted to see what we could do with her space. She likes to have a ‘theme’ in all of her rooms so we tackled what I call her ‘Romance Room’ to just make it a little bit more gorgeous while her husband serenades her at the piano.

Take a look at the ‘Romance Room’ Before

Nice room to be sure….but do the leather chairs work here?

                                                                                                                                                                      Gorgeous piano…still not quite right.


Seating arrangement opposite the fireplace…little out of scale but still gorgeous….

Take a look at the ‘Romance Room’ After


Romantic beyond a doubt…I can see her sitting her with her glass of wine so relaxed.The large mirror on the wall opens up the space and doubles the romance.


Serenading his beautiful wife as she reclines on the chaise…

With smaller chairs and 3 pictures from a trip to France now we have romance…

Her testimonial is a huge compliment to the Art of Redesign and the awesome work the students did during the 5 day PRES staging and redesign course:

“Wow! Is all I can say Dana. When I was given the opportunity to offer my home as your training space I felt very honored and kind of excited. I think I have a pretty nice flair for decorating so I really didn’t think Dana and her students would have too much to do.

Was I surprised when I came home at the end of the day and found my home so different and absolutely gorgeous! My husband and I have been sitting in our “parlor” all night just loving the feel and my dining room and family room are just decadent.

I am amazed at how you could rework my own pieces and give me a completely different look and feel, I love my home. Thank you Dana and your simply amazing students for doing such a fabulous job.”