This heritage home had the right area rugs just in the wrong rooms….

This heritage home had the right area rugs just in the wrong rooms….

September 23, 2013 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

During the 5 day Pres Staging and Redesign training course, I selected a gorgeous heritage for the one-day home makeover for living. During the consultation the biggest style error that I noticed immediately was the wrong area rugs in the wrong rooms and the wrong style curtains in the wrong rooms. Having the wrong area rugs in the wrong rooms is a fairly common styling mistake that many home owners make. As stagers and redesigners this is a fairly easy fix and often leads to other rearrangements of furniture and in this case also draperies, some accessories and switching out a wrong-coloured wing back chair for the rigth-coloured wing back chair in their bedroom.

For example in the living room ‘before’ the home owners’ daughters played piano and yet it was stuck in a corner. I knew the girls would be excited to be more ‘centre stage’ shall we say!


 Modern sheers not working in this traditional formal living room, piano stuck in the corner…

Once we moved the piano to another wall we put the large over sized sofa on a diagonal and changed the draperies from ones they had in two other rooms.


 New traditional draperies, piano center stage and sofa on a diagonal with the right color area rug!

This testimonial tells you how impressed the home owners were…

From the wife, “wow, We are so impressed! Our home looks like a show home. We are thrilled with the transformation. Dana’s team is so professional and kind we can’t say enough. Even our seven year old twins said, “Our house is now the best!” We couldn’t have made our house a home without your talent. Many thanks for a fantastic job.”

and from the husband (normally men are not so forthcoming with excitement) “Dana has worked a miracle. Our family home is 101 years old, divided into separate rooms and of course filled with all of our stuff. Dana and her team came in and made those rooms distinct. We were not aware of the mix of colour schemes and furnishing styles we had going on in each room but Dana was. She put the things that should be together, together. Moved furniture, drapes, area rugs and art work. She gave distinction, theme, flow and space to each room. Love it, love it, love it.

I can’t wait to go home and view it again. It’s like I moved into a new house and bought new furniture. Dana you and your students are amazing. Thank you!!”