The Way You Live in Your Home is a Reflection of You. Do You Love What You See?

The Way You Live in Your Home is a Reflection of You. Do You Love What You See?

September 24, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

During the 5 day Pres staging and redesign training course we bring our new students into real client’s homes so they put into practice the 10 Step Secret Formula they learned in the classroom. One of our training homes wanted a ‘fresh perspective’ on her home as she did ‘like it’ but didn’t ‘love it’. We came in to do what is called a ‘redesign’ and is very personal- not to be confused with staging for selling where we still make the home inviting but appeal to the seller’s buyer.

After the consultation with her I had a fairly good idea how she wanted to live in her home, and she exuded a lot of positive energy around her collections from their world travels and scuba diving trips.
This is what her Living Room looked like when we showed up to do our redesign which is a one-day home makeover using what she already had:


 Looking at the Living Room from the dining room. Note the large glass curio by the entrance way. 


This is the ‘After’ where we made some significant changes especially with the diagonal placement of the sofa. Her cherished glass curio cabinet doesn't really show off her collections the way she would like it to. So… we


removed it from the family room

This is her Family Room when we first arrived. A little cluttered and not too easy to have a conversation comfortably. They have so much beautiful art we knew we could make it look better.

                                                                                                                                                                              The television is in the corner opposite the sofa and another chair is on the other side of the sofa.

We decided that this needed to be the new ‘Travel Room’ and we would showcase her collections and her treasures from her world travels. She was ecstatic with the changes and it’s not that often that a husband loves what we do! Now he did say he was ‘stunned and impressed’ so we’re taking that to be a compliment!


All their collections are in their ‘Travel Room’ and they love it!