Staging Your Parent’s Home Can Be Overwhelming….or not.

Staging Your Parent’s Home Can Be Overwhelming….or not.

July 25, 2013 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Staging your parents home truly can be overwhelming for so many different reasons. When the seller’s children help out with a lot of the prep work we become a team, and things get done quicker and with the most amazing results.

As part of the 5 day certificate Pres staging and redesign training course we recently staged a 39 year old condo, 950 square feet, with 2 bedrooms. When students stage a real client’s home they get first hand experience. They learn so much about ‘how to stage’ and gain their confidence and validation of their talent by seeing the end result. Getting a great reaction like a wow along with the client testimonial is part of the high that inspires them!

Prior to the staging consultation I asked the client to send photos of where they were at with making the changes they needed before the actual hands on staging was done. It was obvious they had started work but still needed some professional advise for their ‘next steps’. The potential buyer is 55+ so the furnishings are fine with a few additions from the daughter such as plants and cushions.


Lots of personal collections

You can see their treasures – the native art and the china cabinet full of personal mementos and china. All special to the seller but not for the buyer’s eyes!

After decluttering and depersonalizing the space…

Attractive and broader buyer appeal!

The Master Bedroom bed was not in good condition so fortunately there was another bed to choose from….


Bed was not in good condition and needed to be replaced.

With some minor cosmetic changes and using a duvet as a headboard (pillows inside) the overall look was improved.


Less cluttered and more harmonious with different drapes from another room.

Happy Daughter Testimonial:

We were very fortunate to have Dana Smithers and her students from Pres Staging training school to stage my Mom’s condo for selling. I met with Dana one week prior and she complimented us on all the work we had already done to be prepared for the actual hands-on staging. My brother and I had done a lot of packing up of personal effects and removing things we knew would not work to show the condo as well as we wanted. My brother did some painting as well in a neutral colour and Dana said it would be okay to leave one of the bedrooms in the soft yellow but she thought the blue feature in the living room would look better painted the same neutral colour as the entire living room. With more than one colour, she said it makes the room look smaller but suggested we wait and see what furniture placement changes they made to see if it had to be painted. She knew we were all tired and didn’t really want to do a whole lot more!

The day of the staging felt a bit like Christmas…we were very excited to see the finished space. We were thrilled with the changes! As we went from one room to the next we were amazed at how much better each room looked just using the things my mom had. The angled furniture placement in the living room made the space seem so much larger and very inviting. The new ‘library room’ looked so comfy and the art they used was just perfect. We loved their creative ideas with the bedding in the master bedroom – they created a head board look out of a comforter and in made the room so much more attractive. Anyone could imaging their belongings in this condo! My mom’s home has a whole new beautiful look that we know will appeal to just the right buyer! Thank you Dana and team for your magic.

Sue – North Vancouver BC