Redesigned Training Homes – Client is speechless!

Redesigned Training Homes – Client is speechless!

November 21, 2009 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

During the Pres 5 day staging & redesign course we do our ‘hands-on’ practicum in real client’s homes. Some definitely are ‘show homes’ and some are just wonderful, everyday family homes. We do both home makeovers for selling (staging) and home makeovers for living (redesign). Both are home transformations that often leave our clients speechless!!!

This is a testimonial from a home we did this week:

“I was really excited for Dana and her students to come to my home. I am having company for Xmas and I really wanted my home to look its best. When I came home for the reveal I was (almost) speechless. I could hardly recognize this as my home. The transformation was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t believe they just used my things and made such a beautiful home for me and my family in just one day. My husband thought I had bought new furniture but when he realized it was just the creative work we had done he said wow! He thinks you are the best!”

Teresa and Melwyn, North Burnaby BC

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