Pres Stagers do more than just staging…

Pres Stagers do more than just staging…

May 3, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Pres graduates are taught both the art of home staging and the art of home makeovers. There are some big differences between the two – the most important is that the home staging for selling is designed to attract potential buyers, whereas the home makeover for living is all about the home owner’s personal taste and style.

I was out looking at a potential ‘redesign’ training home for my May Pres staging training program. Students in the course actually apply the theory that they learn to real client’s homes. The home I was in today is absolutely gorgeous but the home owner wants to update the look. With the many changes in life style that we all go through many of us who are a ‘little bit older’ often want to go for a more modern look even though we may have loved our more traditional look in the past. This is so true of the home owner today.

I would love to not only redesign this home I want to recommend some dramatic new awesome paint colours. I can see it in ‘my mind’s eye’ exactly what I would do here. Take a look and think about what you would do. I've told the client that I would be happy to come back and do a colour consultation for her…I would love to change these white walls to something totally dramatic….stay tuned.


 This Buddha art would look stunning in a dark, metallic grey wall!


Living room needs some furniture rearranging and new paint!