Pres Home Staging Students Create Redesign Style Magic!

Pres Home Staging Students Create Redesign Style Magic!

June 5, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

During the 5 day Pres home staging training course, students go in to real client’s homes for 2 days. On day 2 they apply the ‘redesign’ principles to create a more harmonious and balanced home for living. On day 3 they use the Pres home staging magic formula to transform a tired home into a trendy, updated, inviting, spacious looking home.

Often when we are doing the home makeover for living (redesign) home owners do not understand how to mix design styles, in fact some may not even know what they are. In this client’s home they had a very traditional formal living room. But, it has elements of modern design such as the picture over the sofa. The soap stone bear carving as beautiful as it is, is not considered part of traditional style!

This was the formal, traditional living room before the redesign…


Traditional style living room...almost

This became the new, traditional formal living room. Perfection would be to find a new home for the love seat from blocking the window but the client needed the extra seating.


The new furniture placement with the more traditional art & the bear gone it works!

In the family room they had a more contemporary look but it didn’t quite work. Behind that screen is a small sauna that we asked the client to remove before we came to do our magic!


Almost working but the sauna behind the screen & bookcases need to go!

Our bear found a new home and the furniture placement works better for viewing the television at the end of the room. It’s much more spacious and the home owners loved it!


This gorgeous treasured bear has a new home in the woods!