Pres Client Colour Consultation Course is a Winner!

Pres Client Colour Consultation Course is a Winner!

May 23, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

The Pres home staging program offers professional development courses for stagers, redesigners and decorators who want to stay on top of their game! Any entrepreneurial professional understands the importance of on-going learning that improves their ability to attract more clients to increase their revenues.

At our recent 1-2-3 Paint Colour Client Colour Consultation workshop held at the new Fluff Design Centre 6 women stepped up to learn more about conducting colour consultations with new clients, and past clients. Any time you learn a new skill it’s a great idea to let your past clients know about it. They might just have a need or know someone who does.

Dana J. Smithers taught colour in an interior decorating diploma program for several years and created this one-day hands-on workshop using the design colour principles. This is her 1-2-3 step foundation:

1) Ask your client to show you something they love in their home or a picture of something they love – this is the inspiration piece and your starting point
2) From that inspiration piece select your colour scheme – is it contrasting or harmonious
3) from your colour scheme select your paint colours and use several different values in your choices

Dana recommends keeping things simple and whenever possible just choosing 3 colours per floor, or 3 colours throughout the home depending on the square footage and the layout. Use the 60-30-10 rule where 60% is your wall paint colour, 30% your fabrics and 10% your accent pieces making sure you have 3 accent pieces.

Students using their Interior Design color wheel and selecting colour schemes using fabric samples.


 Students using the Interior Design Color Wheel

Eric Goodwill of Renaissance Painting was our Guest Speaker. Eric talked about his company and what to look for from professional painters. His knowledge was greatly appreciated by the group.


Eric Goodwill of Renaissance Painting

Big thanks as always to Benjamin Moore who graciously provides the paint decks for the students!