Please excuse the bragging…my 1st royalty check just arrived!

Please excuse the bragging…my 1st royalty check just arrived!

June 2, 2011 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

I know in Canada we are very ‘polite’ and don’t like to brag but I am so excited because I just received my first ever royalty cheque from my recently published book:Start & Run a Home Staging Business with Self-Counsel Press.

It was an amazing experience to sign the contract, submit my first drafts of my first few chapters, get the okay to keep going, and then to finally finish my writing of the book. The book was edited a few times and I am happy with the final printed copy. When it came out and I saw it in book stores, it was quite surreal. This for me, is a dream come true.

I know I have other books in me but some of them will be of an entirely different nature. But for now this is a fantastic feeling. Most printed books will be turned into eBooks and this book will be no exception. I have 3 other eBooks on DIY Home Staging, Creating Curb Appeal that Sells! and Trade Secrets to Hanging Art Like a Pro! They are great content and if a home owner does what it says to do in the ebooks, they can create a home that prospective buyers can’t live without!

I’m currently working on my new Pres Home Staging Home Study kit which will be available in the fall worldwide. How fantastic is that!
Not that this is the academy awards or anything like that, but again I want to thank all of my teachers and all of my amazing students who have helped me on my journey in the world of home staging.