Personal Collections Could Cost You the Home Sale in Vancouver!

Personal Collections Could Cost You the Home Sale in Vancouver!

March 27, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Okay I admit that’s a little dramatic saying that ‘you could potentially lose your home sale because of your personal collections’ but, it is a proven fact that potential buyers can be distracted and put off by some of the personal collections that people have in their homes. Could be they don’t like what they see on the MLS since 90% of buyers look there first!

Now for living in your home, it is a very good thing to surround ourselves with reminders and personal mementos of special places that you have traveled to.I get that. I really like to see people make their space their own – personalizing with their own individual likes and dislikes.

These collections are fantastic for living, and very interesting for the owners…


Swords & Snake skins not for everyone!


Animal hides & travel photos great for memories for the owner!

For selling though, it’s a different story that we want to see in your home. We want to see the architectural features of your home – like that gorgeous fireplace – as soon as we walk in. Remember that potential buyers make up their minds fairly quickly whether or not they want to spend time seeing all of your home. if the first room they walk into is full of personal collections like these snake skin swords…well, a buyer might just turn around and go on to the next home. Why chance it! Be smart like this home seller who ‘got it’ and prepacked all their personal collections so that the rooms opened up with better furniture placement and no distractions!


Living Room & Dining Room Expanded Now - Collections Packed Up!

Client Testimonial says it all: You and your students did a great job. Moving the living room furniture around made it a much nicer flow and made the space appear larger. As for the solarium we weren’t sure what to fill the space with. You did a fantastic job using our existing furniture from throughout our home. I love how you featured my elephants as they have sentimental value to me. The pictures that were taken the next made our home look like a show home! We were very impressed! We appreciated all you have done as we had a overwhelming amount of potential buyers come through over the weekend. We have already had two offers! Thank you again.
Deanna & Gary.