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PRES® Home Stagers Are Certified In Home Staging and Home Redesign

The PRES® Staging School is proud of its graduates and members. PRES® graduates receive their certification and designation as a PRES® Professional Real Estate Stager after completing an intensive 5 day course. They are required to write and pass 2 written tests with a 75% or higher mark, and must be able to show competency in all of the hands on training in real client's homes.

The majority of students who become a PRES® have already been doing work in the home staging or redesign field for years. Many already have their own business and are smart enough to know that professional training adds credibility to their business reputation.

PRES® members in good standing use the PRES® logo on their materials to let you know that they are certified and belong to a community of professionals. Our PRES® members are qualified to do both home staging, such as preparing your house for selling, and home redesign or home makeovers, to make your home more beautiful for living.