Jackson Lane West says if your pricing is peanuts you’ll attract monkeys!

Jackson Lane West says if your pricing is peanuts you’ll attract monkeys!

May 25, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Jackson Lane West of Inclined to Design was the guest speaker at the Fluff Rentals monthly breakfast meeting today. While Jackson started out his career in Vancouver as a sought-after property stylist (aka home stager) his clients early on wanted him to do more than just prepare their home for selling. They wanted him to design their new home and Jackson started doing just that!

Today Jackson talked about how to create a more profitable business by adding design services to your existing home staging business. While there were some interior designers and decorators at the meeting the majority were home stagers and many I’m happy to say graduates of the Certified Pres home staging and redesign course. I learned a few things and loved Jackson telling about his mistakes and how to avoid them. His passion is in the design field and teaching his new course on creating a profitable business.

I’m looking forward to my talk on June 29th at Fluff Rentals breakfast meeting. My focus will be on attracting clients in your home staging/redesign and or design business. It’s all about knowing who your ideal client is, creating the right marketing message with keywords and then determining your best marketing strategies to reel in your ideal client!

While I started my career over a decade ago as a professional interior decorator and redesigner I also taught both a certified interior decorating diploma course and was a founding member and instructor with the the Canadian Redesigners Association. My passion is teaching home staging & redesign with a focus on starting and growing your business. Early on my clients contacted me to get their home ready for selling and my career in home staging was launched. It’s been a great ten+ years and like any business entrepreneur I’m had my share of ups and downs and learned so much about myself!


 Jackson Lane West & Patti Houston Owner of Fluff Design

Great turnout at the Fluff breakfast!


Cinidy Stocker of Urban Presentations & Janet Williams of Magic Home Staging (Pres Grads!)