How inviting is your master bedroom at the end of a crazy day?

How inviting is your master bedroom at the end of a crazy day?

March 2, 2011 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

It is a sad truth that many master bedrooms are neglected because we live such busy, busy lives, and many moms are busy taking care of everyone else except themselves. Sound familiar…

In my last 5 day Pres staging and redesign course we did a home makeover for living and a home staging for selling. Students go into real clients’ homes so they can experience first hand the challenges that they will face once they leave the course. Home owners call us because they have a problem, and we find them a solution – a better, healthier, less cluttered way to live. These are two very different goals but the end result is always a much better looking home and often home owners make new purchases to go along with the ‘new look’.

The master bedroom is suppose to be our haven and safe space from all the busyness of a crazy day! We all live hectic lives and it was such a treat to transform the way these two families lived in their master bedroom. I know they will continue to watch the amount of clutter that starts piling up and keep the rooms looking good!



She loves her new bedding!


Master Bedroom too much clutter!