Home Owners Make Good Economical Choices With Pres Graduates

Home Owners Make Good Economical Choices With Pres Graduates

January 10, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Exciting time ahead with lots of changes for the home staging and redesign industry in 2012. The world economy is changing. Many home owners – sellers and dwellers will want to make good economical choices whether they need a professional eye to redesign and refresh their existing home, or need assistance in preparing their property for selling. That’s where the Pres home staging and redesign graduates come in.

Making the investment of a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars for a professional Pres home stager


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to provide you with solid, practical, proven advice and/or complete your home makeover for selling for you, is a smart move for home sellers.

90% of home buyers want a ‘Move-In Ready’ home and you can give that to them by consulting (even for jut a few hundred dollars) with a Pres home staging graduate! Pres graduates are also trained and qualified to set you up in your new home by working with all of your personal possessions and collections they had you pack up for selling!