Home Makeover Tips – How to hang a grouping of art…

Home Makeover Tips – How to hang a grouping of art…

March 20, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Grouping art can be quite a challenging job for many people. This is a grouping we did for a client who wanted to set up a workshop instead of a dining room. This example is for ‘living’ as you would take this down for staging because it’s too personal. The space would also need to be converted back to a dining room for selling!

After hanging 1000s of pieces of art, photos, sculptures, baskets, fabric wall hangings, swordfish (yes swordfish, several of them) I’d like to share some of my ‘hanging art’ guidelines. These are guidelines so there will be variations on the theme, but these work pretty well in any home or office. A few years ago I wrote an ebook ‘Trade Secrets of Hanging Art Like a Pro!‘ and you can find some You Tube videos I recently created for hanging single pieces of art.

This is the method I use and you may find it works for you.
-select pieces of art that work together i.e. find a common element that allows you to form this grouping – in this case it was a mixture of art that she loved with sayings and she had some emotional attachment to the pieces
lay my grouping of art on the floor


Place Grouping On Floor

- leave about 2″ between all the art pieces (this can vary on the size of art you are using e.g. for a small grouping space about 1″ apart.
- find center on your wall, find center on your art and stick a piece of sticky tack at both centers
- measure up from the bottom of your wire to the top of the frame to determine how far down your hanger needs to be
- hang your first piece on the bottom – see You Tube video – using the floating art guideline of 56 – 60″as the height of the middle of the art grouping; level it
- place your next bottom piece 2″ apart and hang it; level it


Start with lining up the center; measure 2" apart and level

- continue to build the grouping up using your levels to keep the measurements accurate


 Grouping Completed - whimsical & fun!

- She now has a whole new look in her home where she can host her workshops!

                                                                                                                                                                                A truly personal space!

Tip: for more detailed information check out my You Tube videos, my ebook and previous blog posts on Home Staging Tips – Hanging Floating or Gallery art.