Heritage Edwardian Home In Vancouver is Staged To Sell!

Heritage Edwardian Home In Vancouver is Staged To Sell!

June 15, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

After years of waiting – city permits, renovations, contractors, etc. this 1902 Edwardian Heritage Class B home in Vancouver is finally being staged to sell, and it is a beauty! It was originally built by John Kemp.

Several years ago Dana J. Smithers of the Pres Staging Resource Centre auctioned off her ‘Home Staging’ services. The successful bidder wanted the service for a property her daughter was going to be selling. Even though the expiry date for the Staging was expired Dana honoured it because it was an exciting challenge to do a heritage home.

After meeting with the home seller several times to do a colour consultation, window treatment selection, fireplace tiles selection, the next step was to source for all the rental inventory needed in this 1300 square foot house. Dana and two of her Pres graduates met at Fluff Rentals and made the inventory selection. The client had thought some of their own home furnishings would work but unfortunately only a few items fit the look needed for the staging job.

This is how the property looked when Dana was first called in…


Just starting on the renovations...

A few more visits and the flooring was in and the drywall was being painted…


Wainscoting in the bathroom....looking good!


New flooring upgrades along with electrical

Sourcing the furniture from Fluff Rentals. Two Pres home staging graduates, Lesley Arnould of Embellished Interiors and Lindsay Sy of Dreamhaus Decor both helped out with this job.


Checking our lists twice to make sure we have everything!

And today we are going to do the installation so stay tuned for the final reveal!