Getting media exposure will help you grow your business…getting ‘free’ media exposure is even better!

Getting media exposure will help you grow your business…getting ‘free’ media exposure is even better!

April 30, 2013 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Having been in the business for over a decade now I have had some great media exposure. I have paid a PR Media consultant to find media opportunities for me, and I have also found my own ‘free’ media opportunities. As I mentioned before, since I wrote my book Start & Run a Home Staging Business I have a publicist who finds media opportunities for me now.

I actually had my very first article on Redesign published in 2004 and I found this opportunity by contacting the editor of a local decorating magazine. You can do this too. If you go my website and click on the Pres Staging media tab you will find most of the media exposure (appearances and published articles) that I have received over the last 7 years but not all of it.

Here are some tips to getting ‘free’ media:

1. Research other people who have media opportunities that you want to have and decide which ones you would like to be part of. If they can be in it or featured so can you!                                                             2.Have an article ready with a‘hooky or catchy’ title that he editor of a newspaper or magazine would notice. Write it from the perspective of what their readers or audience would want to know about.                       3.Write your‘Pitch’that focuses on‘why’your article should be published and/or why you should be interviewed. Many websites will tell you specifically what they want to hear from you and you just need to follow the template that they have prepared for you.                                                                                  4.Check out as they are always looking for good articles and specialists in certain fields. Get signed up so you receive their requests on a regular basis.                                                               5.If you get contacted and even if the timing is not right for you – just say‘yes’I am available, of‘yes’I can write that article in the time frame you have given me. This is a priority because you may not get a second opportunity!                                                                                                                                                            6. Blog several times a week and you may just get noticed by a media person. Write great content that readers would really want to know about, and want more of your expertise!                                                             7.Write a lot of articles and submit them to and become known as an expert in your field.                                                                                                                                                                     8.If you do hire a media consultant be very specific about what kind of media exposure you are looking for, and it’s great if you know exactly where you want exposure.                                                                               9. If you are not a good writer then hire a copy writer. All you need to do is give them your ideas and they will write the articles for you. This is a small investment for a big return!

Something for you to know…once you submit your materials you have virtually no control over the outcome. If you are interviewed and misquoted in the article, let it go…if they use the wrong ‘Before & After’ photos during an interview, let it go… My advice is to send in the best written article you possibly can, send only a few of your very, very best ‘Before & After’ photos and then let it go…it’s all good!