Function Is Always First When Staging a Property!

Function Is Always First When Staging a Property!

November 8, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

During the Pres 5 day course we go into real client’s homes and practice staging a home for selling using the client’s existing furnishings, or some purchases they may have made to enhance the look of the property. In the case of this 1910 heritage home we had the home seller buy a few plants and search her cupboards for some vases and other accessories that she normally didn't have displayed in her home.

Like most busy moms with two young children a lot of the home was dedicated to making it easy and enjoyable for the family and to have the children on the main floor with all their toys. For selling the first thing we take into consideration is ‘function’ in other words what would a prospective buyer for this home, want it to look like with that first impression….

So …while this room for living was their family room – sectional, desk, hutch but no eating area.


Original dining room is being used as the family room for living.

We turned it back into a dining room. This is what the buyer needs to see – a space that works for them to dine at. The home seller had this in storage so it was easy to set this room back up!

                                                                                                                                                                           Very inviting and spacious dining room big enough for a family gathering!

This living room was the ‘kids room’ with the television and lots of their toys all around the room. 


Living room before set up for the children.

We turned this back into a living room since it is the first room the potential buyer will see when walking into this home.


Functional living room inviting and spacious!

Seller is delighted with the results and is hoping for a quick sale…stay tuned!