Do realtors know that Pres stagers also move sellers into their new home?

Do realtors know that Pres stagers also move sellers into their new home?

July 26, 2011 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Did you know that realtors are very fortunate to have home stagers as part of their team? We can play ‘bad cop’ to their ‘good cop’ because we know that the seller will absolutely love us when we have performed our magic of transforming their property into an incredible commodity just waiting for those multiple offers to pour in.

And all the while we are helping them prepare their property for selling, we are also building rapport and creating a great relationship with them. Yes we ask them to pack up their favourite family photos and personal collections of masks, dolls or whatever, and yes we request that they tidy up and declutter a great deal of their stuff and yes, we might even suggest they paint and while they are at it let’s redo the flooring and clean all the windows and yes … on it goes.

But did you realize that because we have helped them prepare for their showings we know exactly how they want to live in their new home. And many times it is a combination of the ‘gorgeous staged-new-home look’ and the way ‘they used to live’.


Even though she is not selling in the immediate future she wanted a new, non-cluttered look.


We can keep this same spacious, elegant look and transfer it to her new home when she is ready to move!

So Realtors, just remember that we can add huge value to your service deliverables by being able to not only stage your client’s home for selling, but we can redesign their new home for living – a real bonus for you and your home seller!Call a Pres home stager to find out more!