“Dirty, Sexy Money’ was Kimberley Seldon’s Top 10 Tips!

“Dirty, Sexy Money’ was Kimberley Seldon’s Top 10 Tips!

September 19, 2013 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

In my coaching practice one of the most often talked about issues is women entrepreneurs’ fear of charging what they are worth. Which is why Kimberley Seldon’s Talk ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ was so well attended!


Kimberley asked the stagers/decorators/designers/stylists to think about how they wanted to be perceived in the market place. She asked “Are you a Walmart brand or Hermes?”

These are her 10 top tips to comfortably and confidently charge what you are worth:

1. Focus on your expertise
2. Charge for your expertise
3. Charge for all your hours worked
4. Mark Up Trades Work
5. Share your discounts with your clients
6. Up Sell your services
7. Limit your suppliers
8. Focus your marketing
9. Limit exceptions to your rules & systems
10. Learn to say no

And most importantly – remember you are the boss!!!
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