Art Gallery Rentals Rock for Pres Stagers Monthly Meeting!

Art Gallery Rentals Rock for Pres Stagers Monthly Meeting!

June 10, 2010 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

I had recently rented some original art from our local Vancouver Art Gallery for a $4.5 million dollar penthouse I was staging. Many Pres members have their own art, or source from rental furnishing companies but on occasion we all need something a bit more upscale! The art rentals is the non-profit organizational arm of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Local artists provide pieces on consignment and they are rented out for a portion of their asking price. The average rental is about $70 per month with over 1200 original pieces of art done by Canadian artists!

After having such a terrific experience with Donna Partridge, Manager and her fantastic assistant Holly, I asked if we could hold our monthly meeting at the Vancouver Art Gallery Art Rentals area. She thought it was a great idea and so the Pres members met and one even signed up as a volunteer she loved the art so much!

If you have never sourced from your local art gallery see if that is an option that is available to you. There are many art galleries that will rent art that is on consignment from local artists. Check it out in your area it is a Win-Win for all concerned!

Dana J. Smithers – Founder & Creative Director – Pres Staging Resource Centre