Are you taking advantage of ‘free’ on-going home staging learning?

Are you taking advantage of ‘free’ on-going home staging learning?

February 23, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

If you live in an urban city and you are a home stager chances are you have access to networking groups that support home stagers and related-industry professionals. In the Vancouver area we are fortunate to have a company likeFluff Rentalshost breakfast meetings once a month now. Patti Houston owner, likes to bring in speakers who can provide on-going learning in the ever changing growing world of home staging. TodayAura McKaya professional photographer was the guest speaker today and she shared some great tips with us. I even learned how to lighten my photos in my camera instead of in photoshop!


Fluff attendees learning about photography at Fluff Breakfast Meeting

Aura McKay captivatingly entertaining!

The Fluffians provided the hospitality, a great meeting area and some fantastic networking with fellow stagers, decorators and designers. I’ll be doing a breakfast meeting and setting up some workshops in the near future.