Are you taking advantage of Agent’s ‘Open House’ Tours?

Are you taking advantage of Agent’s ‘Open House’ Tours?

July 3, 2013By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Angela McKinnon of Home Dreams Home Staging is having a great time this summer getting new marketing materials together for her marketing campaign introducing her ‘Sizzling Summer Specials’ to Realtors.

I've been coaching and mentoring Angela for the past few months and have really enjoyed how committed she is to taking her home staging and decorating business to a new level. I spend a lot of time working on branding, marketing messages and tactics that my coaching clients can use to attract more clients.

If you are feeling a bit sluggish and running out of ideas think about doing a few of these tactics to get connected or reconnected with your Realtor clients. After all, if you are not out there staying connected someone else will be!

Some ‘Sizzling Summer Marketing Ideas’:

* follow up from any talks that you did earlier in the year with your ‘Sizzling Summer Special’
* Make an outrageous offer – why not 50% OFF – with the end date of a month but no longer than two months
* go to a real estate office where there are Realtors that you would like to work with or are already working with and ask for the list of agent's open houses for that week. (Angela was smart – she brought a nice bouquet of flowers for the receptionist :))
* create a one page flyer with your best ‘Before & After’ photos and print it in colour with bullet points about the results the Realtor’s clients will get by using this ‘Sizzling Summer Special’
* since summer is a more relaxed time for everyone – find out when the Realtor’s golf tournaments or barbecues are and ask if you can join them
* make mention of your ‘Sizzling Summer Special’ offer in your next enewsletter

Have fun – get creative in your own ‘Sizzling Summer Special’ offer!