Are you making Realtor Office Presentations one of your key marketing tactics?

Are you making Realtor Office Presentations one of your key marketing tactics?

October 23, 2012 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Realtor office presentations are a great way to connect and make new connections to grow your home staging business. A month ago I met a new Realtor Joanne LaRocque at a networking event and I followed up with her for a coffee. During the meeting Joanne mentioned that she had joined a new brokerage firm,Dexter Associates Realty a well established Vancouver based firm. She asked me if I would like to come and do a talk at one of the Monday morning meetings and naturally I said “Yes!”

I've done many talks over the last 10 years and so I invited one of the Pres graduates,Sally Weatherley of Exit Stage Right to join me. Sally’s company has its own rental furnishings and Sally has established herself as a home staging expert since she took the Pres course several years ago.

We were invited into their meeting and learned a lot while we were waiting to present. Their meetings take place in what is referred to as ‘the bull pen’ and it’s standing room only!


 Dana J. Smithers of Pres Staging Training is presenting along with Sally Weatherley of Exit Stage Right.


Using large story boards works well with a small group to show ‘Before & After’ photos of staging jobs.

What’s really important when you are giving a talk is to have good visuals and to have a draw at the end that the Realtors need to put their cards into. Sally did a draw for a Complimentary Consultation and the Pres Staging Training program did a draw for a Complimentary Staging Training home. The follow up from events like this is really important and both Sally Weatherley and Pres are using Send Out Cards to stay connected!