Advertising on a Smart Car – Smart!

Advertising on a Smart Car – Smart!

May 5, 2010 By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

Why a Smart Car you ask? Why not a Smart Car?

Firstly, it makes me smile and what makes me smile even more is to see it out in public with my company logo on it; Lois Interiors. It makes others smile, heads turn and usually produce a large toothy smile directed at me and my car. How can that not be good. Good for me, good for business and good for all those who smile at me, whether making fun of my peculiar little car or not…….it makes me smile.

Secondly, it’s a serious car……yes, it is. Built by Mercedes Benz and designed in conjunction with the quirky and successful Swatch company. It’s amazingly fuel friendly, impressively spacious, handles like it knows what I want it to do and…… makes me smile.

Thirdly, as a Home Stager it’s important to be able to pack things into my vehicle; decor things, pretty things, picture hanging things, and tool things……….it all fits into this fabulous little car and………that makes me (and others) smile.

Happy Home Staging by Lois of Lois Interiors covering the Vancouver Lower Mainland