Networking… Your Best Marketing Tool

Networking… Your Best Marketing Tool

October 9, 2014             By Pres Ⓡ Staging Resource Centre

We all know the importance of knowing the “right people”. People who are connected to your potential clients who can personally use your services and/or refer others to you. A network is the quickest and most efficient way to make these connections.

There are many different groups out there. There are women’s groups, industry specific groups as well as groups for home stagers and designers. It is important to go to several of these groups first as a guest to see which ones are worth your investment of both time and money.

Here are a few benefits of joining a business network:

A network is like an unpaid sales team working for you when you are busy doing other things.      

A network generates referrals which will eventually lead to increased sales.

It expands the number of individuals who know about you and your business.

It is a great way to keep you motivated in your business.Talking to other business owners inspires new ideas and provides a wealth of experience to draw from.

It helps you to define your business more clearly as you are continually practicing your pitch to other members.

You are able to gain valuable business advice from other more experienced business owners.

On a more personal level, networking forms friendships. One of the perks of frequently attending networking groups is that some of your contacts will actually become your friends and it is always nice to see a friendly face in the crowd when you attend networking events.